About Me 關於我

Activate yourself, lead your dream to reality.

Worked for multiple web application projects and helping clients to build E-Commerce, Business Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning System and more.

Experienced in Amazon Web Services on setting up web technology and infrastructure.

Graduated in Multimedia Application at 2008. Focused on Online Web Applications Development since then. The first backend programming language was ASP, taken chance to learn PHP and MySQL. Built WebbyCMS © (Developer Ready PHP Framework) from sketch for Startups and S.M.Es clients to manage their online business.

Founded another IP, MyOBS © (Malaysia Online Billing System) which an online billing system for Freelancers to manage their quotations, invoices and receipts.

Shortlisted in MAP(MaGIC Accelerator Program) cohort 3 with co-founded startup GIG88 at 2016. A performance artist marketplace where gathered all kinds of live/on-stage performers.

There is nothing impossible, only a hardworking MAN can make everything POSSIBLE! When you are not in Love with what you are doing, Everything you done is not worth it.

Also involved myself as freelance photographer for video or movie production side shot, sheet photography or any special occasions. Especially community services.